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Interview: Johan MIA, photographer

The committee works with Johan MIA, 39 years old, official photographer of the Miss Ronde Internationale committee since its first edition.

Discover through this interview this photographer who is involved and has a contagious good humor.

Hello Johan,

Thank you for being here for a moment of confidence with this interview.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

"My name is Johan, I am 39 years old, I am a pharmacy technician and above all a self-taught photographer since August 2015.

I am passionate and I dream of living solely from my passion."

How was your business MIA photography born?

"My best friend was getting married, she already had a photographer, but the next day there was no one to take the photos.

I had just bought my first camera, I took some photos so the guests could have memories. I sent them on the WhatsApp group, they loved it and they encouraged me in the process of becoming a professional.

Following this, I had an impulse to learn about the equipment and technique of the trade.

Motivated and passionate, I launched my business and did my first shoots.

I was missing the name, I was listening to the sound of Omarion MIA (missing in action), the song is a tribute following a movement of an American soldier, I was looking for something, not lost bodies like this soldier but rare photographs to save them. "

What are the values of MIA?

Quality :

I want my photos to be of impeccable quality, as is my service.


I want people to have a good time, but above all to maintain a professional image. I want people to think of me when they need a photographer.

Relational :

Good humor, feeling it and remembering a good time are driving forces for me and give meaning to my work.

What projects have you completed that are significant for you?

The committees, I did a lot of services, there were some good and some bad, but I learned a lot, it allowed me to evolve .

Financially it's not the most successful for me, but humanly it's very rewarding.

The Angel beauty committee was able to give me carte blanche, I was able to express myself as a photographer.

Of course, there was the MRI committee with whom the collaboration was simple, fluid and with very good understanding.

Taking photos at night, outdoors, in a nightclub, in the evening, in a given atmosphere, are other experiences that train on technique.

And I have the chance to start working with an Artistic Director, she guides me and gives me real advice, there is a real symbiosis, we complement each other, she with his experience and me with the technicality.

The projects planned with her could help my career evolve.

Exactly, what are your upcoming projects?

Organize creative shootings around artistic universes.

I also want to develop with a public figure like Parissa with whom I currently work.

The current projects can open many doors for me, and also offer us great life experiences, Parissa is full of resources.

In relation to your experience, your vision, what is the approach to your profession?

I pay very attention to my image and my commitments, if I see that it is difficult for me to keep my commitments, I refuse the project.

My reputation is essential and it flows from my values.

For me, the approach to my job involves my values, but also through the improvement and creativity of my job.

I want to strive to be the best, to challenge myself and to achieve my goals.

I want to live my dream and live from my passion.

I would also like to be a trainer, organize training and thus train young photographers.

You need to have a basic sensitivity and a good feeling to get started in photography.

Following your experiences, do you have one or more anecdotes to share with us?

You know, I'm not just a photographer, no I discovered that I can also be a driver, a choreographer, a cook for barbecues but also a mascot < em>(laughing)

The MRI committee trusted me as a photographer, but I shared real human and caring moments. It was with pleasure that I was able to put on these different hats!

I also have a good memory of fashion week: I was at the hotel and I was talking with the receptionist, I was dressed in military style and he loved it.

He started talking to me in English, his accent wasn't great but I responded naturally in English. I asked him if he spoke French since we are in France...

He said yes, but I thought you were American because you have an American style (laughing).

That same day, I met a photographer from Boston, while kissing her there was a little accidental smack, I was embarrassed so I told her 'OOPS Sorry...', from there she replied ' No its just Kiss Darling', she was not surprised and took it very lightly.

But, in reality I think I have a thing with America, I'll dig into it! (laughing)

What can we wish you for the future Johan?

To not change my values and become an international photographer!

We wish you Johan, we will be proud to say that we were able to work alongside you and that we have our favorite mascot who becomes or has become a international photographer.

Thank you for taking the time for this interview.

We see you on your Instagram and your site to follow you!

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