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You want to scream that plus size women are

beautiful and strong?

Then this contest is for you.

First of all, check a few essential elements for your application to be accepted.

It would be a shame if you filled out the form and, having not ticked certain boxes, you were denied access to the competition.

You absolutely must

  • Be between 18 and 40 years old

  • Not have a child under 12 (or have long-term childcare)

  • Have a clothing size of at least 44 (French size)

  • To be able to travel to Ile de France for the election of Miss Ronde Nation

  • Available the entire week of the contest for the election of Miss Ronde Internationale

  • Available the year of your reign

  • Have your identity papers up to date

  • And above all, super motivated

All boxes checked?

Serious things begin!!!

How it's all going to play out:

  • You will first download, read the rules and validate it with an autograph (Yeah it's the first and maybe not the last). You will have to send it back to us by email after you have registered.

  • Then you fill in the registration form (do not forget anything, otherwise you give the advantage to others).

  • You attach 3 photos and a video of you (1'30 max, you will have the opportunity to express yourself more if you are selected and show us who you are ) without filter of course, we need to see your real physical beauty .

  • Once that's done, well... You talk about the contest around you and.... you wait between September 12 and 18, 2022 for the Miss Ronde Internationale Committee to contact you to tell you if you are selected. for the sequel.

  • If you are selected, we will explain to you what will be the steps that will take you to Miss Nation victory on October 15 and 16, 2022.

  • Taadaa... Here we are, after your victory at Miss Nation where you will have received your scarf and your tiara, heading to Miss Ronde Internationale on December 10, 2022. Of course we will explain to you what the next steps will be, but don't worry, nothing insurmountable.

Un petit mot pour toi de la part de Jennifer Miss Ronde Internationale 2023

Got it all figured out and are you ready?

Règlement comité
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